Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Its been 10 months since the launch of HiddenWorldz on 24th Nov 2021.

These are the fantastic initial months of the game where we developed as a community and enjoyed the game transformation on the blockchain.

Hiddenworldz has successfully maintained the milestones but the crypto market conditions restrict us to launch the game.

These 10 months was not only excited , but also hectic for all us as the Hiddenworldz team.

Now, its time to have some breather , before the launching the game.

lets take a short break from regular activities in order to relax and come back with the same energy.

HiddenWorldz Proposes to breather for 2 months and return on 24th Nov 2022.

We left decision on the community. what do you think?




Consistent Payout Vs Exchange Listing

Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Its time for Community to take decision and move the game forward.

HW Explorers need to vote between Consistent Payout / Exchange Listing of HIDD Tokens to decide how they want to convert HIDD tokens into WAX.

NFT bought highest will be declared as the winner.


Make Your Vote Count..!!




Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

We are delighted to announce the launch of Projects Promotion / Banner ads on HiddenWorldz.

This is a first step in order to bring the multi metaverses on one platform. Our aim is to enable the use of 1 NFT in multi P2E projects.

Projects advertised here may join the HiddenWorldz Multi Metaverse in Phase 5 of Hiddenworldz Journey.

We are also inviting projects for FREE Banner Ads through out the April 2022 on first come first serve basis.

Feel free to Contact for more details.
Email: info@hiddenworldz.com

With this we conclude the Phase 2 of the project. Get ready for Beta Game launch soon in this month.

Hiddenworldz 🚀🚀🚀🚀



Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Once staking booster is activated it will give reward for that duty cycle , unless duty is cancelled….Enjoy the boosters for prolonged period.

A good math and the application of all three boosters in a strategic manner will generate a lot more tokens.

HiddenWorldz team invested many brainstorming hrs to add strategy in an old fashioned staking system…yes a little mathematical …but once understood it reaps a lot.

Lets not just stake lets put thinking cap on to capitalize the staking periods.

and don’t forget to enjoy .. Happy weekend.




Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Thanks for your appreciation mails and messages for the innovative consistent payout DEFI system.

Moving foreword , we feel extremely delighted to launch the Staking Boosters Month.💥💥

Boost $HIDD earnings through out the month.

Gold Booster — 1st to 10th March 2022 🚀
Gold Bar Booster — 11th to 20th March 2022 🧱
Gold Diamond Booster — 21st to 31st March 2022 💎

Time for booster enabling will be 15:00 UTC.

HiddenWorldz 🚀🚀



Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Get ready for an Intelligent Blending event and a new Booster Drop.

-Keep the existing booster or blend it for a better Booster. Or buy a new one , Think wisely and act.

1) Gold Bars Booster (Max qty 300 only ) : Upto 45 % staking Boost

Blend : Gold Booster + 4 HIDD NFTs = Gold Bars Booster


2) Gold Bars Booster : Upto 45 % staking Boost

Blend 7 HIDD NFTs = Gold Bars Booster


-New Booster Drop:
Gold Bars Diamond Booster : Upto 70 % staking Boost , Max quantity only 150
Drop timing: 7th Feb 2022 , 15:00 UTC


Enjoy the staking with staking boosters.




Hidden Worldz

Hidden Worldz is a collection of digital trading NFTs, which facilitates the users to invade, explore and conquer the "Hidden Worldz"