HiddenWorldz: Recharge Time

Hidden Worldz
Sep 25, 2022


Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Its been 10 months since the launch of HiddenWorldz on 24th Nov 2021.

These are the fantastic initial months of the game where we developed as a community and enjoyed the game transformation on the blockchain.

Hiddenworldz has successfully maintained the milestones but the crypto market conditions restrict us to launch the game.

These 10 months was not only excited , but also hectic for all us as the Hiddenworldz team.

Now, its time to have some breather , before the launching the game.

lets take a short break from regular activities in order to relax and come back with the same energy.

HiddenWorldz Proposes to breather for 2 months and return on 24th Nov 2022.

We left decision on the community. what do you think?




Hidden Worldz

Hidden Worldz is a collection of digital trading NFTs, which facilitates the users to invade, explore and conquer the "Hidden Worldz"