HiddenWorldz: Booster Drop and Blend Event

Hidden Worldz
Feb 7, 2022


Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Get ready for an Intelligent Blending event and a new Booster Drop.

-Keep the existing booster or blend it for a better Booster. Or buy a new one , Think wisely and act.

1) Gold Bars Booster (Max qty 300 only ) : Upto 45 % staking Boost

Blend : Gold Booster + 4 HIDD NFTs = Gold Bars Booster


2) Gold Bars Booster : Upto 45 % staking Boost

Blend 7 HIDD NFTs = Gold Bars Booster


-New Booster Drop:
Gold Bars Diamond Booster : Upto 70 % staking Boost , Max quantity only 150
Drop timing: 7th Feb 2022 , 15:00 UTC


Enjoy the staking with staking boosters.




Hidden Worldz

Hidden Worldz is a collection of digital trading NFTs, which facilitates the users to invade, explore and conquer the "Hidden Worldz"