HiddenWorldz : Booster Month

Hidden Worldz
Feb 28, 2022


Hey HiddenWorldz Explorers

Thanks for your appreciation mails and messages for the innovative consistent payout DEFI system.

Moving foreword , we feel extremely delighted to launch the Staking Boosters Month.💥💥

Boost $HIDD earnings through out the month.

Gold Booster — 1st to 10th March 2022 🚀
Gold Bar Booster — 11th to 20th March 2022 🧱
Gold Diamond Booster — 21st to 31st March 2022 💎

Time for booster enabling will be 15:00 UTC.

HiddenWorldz 🚀🚀



Hidden Worldz

Hidden Worldz is a collection of digital trading NFTs, which facilitates the users to invade, explore and conquer the "Hidden Worldz"